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Istanbulunlimited is founded by İdil Taşbaşlı Yazıcı and Yiğit Yazıcı in 2009.

İdil Taşbaşlı Yazıcı  

My name, Idil, means a short pastoral poem about pure and naive love.

I was born in İstanbul in October 1969.  I grew up with French literature and culture which affected very much my vision. After graduating from Bosphorus University, (Faculty of Business Administration in 1993), I spent eight years in Modena, Italy where I held different roles for several international companies. I came back to Istanbul  at the beginning of 2001 and worked  in Ortaanadolu Ticaret as an account manager  in the denim industry for the Italian market.

In 2009, I have founded Hat ArtFruit - art platform - with Yigit Yazıcı which is now called Istanbul Unlimited. 

In this fast moving, volatile, uncertain, complex world, I challenge myself to be in balance and harmony by means of wholistic living, design thinking, simple management and co-working principles.

As a creative consultant,  I develop concepts, find inspirational resources, bring people together for co-creation and turn creative ideas into projects. 


linkedin: Idil Tasbasli Yazici 


 Yiğit Yazıcı